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C.HAFNER & HILDERBRAND SA provides metal joining solutions primarily focused on HILDERBRAND® precious metal brazing pastes. Our products meet the highest requirements for any luxury & industry customer in search of the finest Swiss Made quality. We deliver our products worldwide. By extension we provide precious metal alloys including but not limited to gold, palladium, platinum and silver alloys. We are commited to supporting our customers needs in semi-finished precious metal products, powders or finished components.

We are at the heart of our client concerns in terms of quality, specific technical needs or support and fast delivery.



C.HAFNER & HILDERBRAND SA are committed to providing our customers with the highest standard products and solutions. We strive to base our business and quality policy in accordance with the responsability rules defined by the Group which are based on a strong sense of responsibility towards companies, society, and the environment with the values of openness, appreciation, sustainability and transparency, basis of cooperation both within and outside our company.

Responsible actions in line with the guidelines of the OECD

We adhere to the most stringent standards of ethical action. Gold that we process into our C.HAFNER & C-HAFNER & HILDERBRAND SA alloys comes from our own recycling process! What this means is that the input material of our recycling process consists exclusively of secondary material, that is waste from the industrial processing and finishing of precious metals, such as for jewellery and watch production, as well as old gold which for example was previously processed into jewellery, coins or dental gold.

Precious metals from C.HAFNER therefore contain no material:

  • that was acquired through human rights violations such as child labour or slavery
  • whereby extraction and processing destroys the earth’s surface
  • which serves to support criminal or terrorist activities such as money laundering, tax evasion
  • which is harmful to the environment


Quality Management

Our Quality Management System complies with all certifications of served industries. For more than 20 years, C. HAFNER & HILDERBRAND SA is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

You can directly download our ISO Certificate here along with our IQNet certificate.

C-HAFNER is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN EN ISO 13485 with laboratories accredited to DIN ISO/IEC 17025.

Environmental Protection

REACH is the European Chemicals Regulation for the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals. It has been in force since 2007 and aims to guarantee a high level of human health and environmental protection. In accordance with the REACH principle, all manufacturers, importers and downstream users take responsibility for their chemicals.

RoHS 1 is a directive on the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances that took effect on 2006.

All our products are compliant with REACH and ROHS regulations.


Supply Chain Responsibility


Responsible ethical behaviour has always been a driving force for C.HAFNER. To give expression to this sentiment, C-HAFNER has been a member of Urban Mining e.V. since 2015. This association considers cities and settlements as raw material mines, in which valuable resources of various kinds are bound for different lengths of time, but subsequently become free and usable again. This also includes precious metals. When it comes to gold mining, C.HAFNER relies exclusively on precious metal recycling, i.e. urban mining. After all, recycled precious metal from local sources is a useful resource, but it is most importantly a necessity for companies that act responsibly! C.HAFNER thus makes an important contribution to the preservation of the environment and demonstrates respect for human rights..


The Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) is an international association of companies in the jewellery and watchmaking industry, as well as their suppliers, with the aim of promoting an ethical, social and environmentally safe and human corporate policy. Companies bind themselves to these basic principles by issuing a declaration of commitment on corporate practice, known as the Code of Practices (CoP).

Both C. HAFNER & HILDERBRAND SA are certified Member of the RJC with both CoC and COP certifications.


C.HAFNER holds the coveted Good Delivery Status of the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA), one of the most important institutions in the precious metal processing industry worldwide. Above all, the Good Delivery Status offers companies and end-customers the security of knowing that gold which has been accorded this status comes from sources which have not infringed any human rights or supported any criminal activities. In addition, this status guarantees the highest degree of purity of the refined gold.

C.HAFNER is the first refinery with a CO₂-neutral refining process for gold.
CO2-Neutral Gold


The roots of the Precious Metal Technology by
C-HAFNER. The company originated in the expanding jewellery and watch industry.
The precious metal reprocessing soon relevated its potential to be sold back into the market as semi-finished products such as sheets, wires and tubes for the jewelry watchmaking industry. This was followed by the first dental alloys, which opened up another attractive market, as well as the construction a “Research & Development” division.
After the second World War, C-HAFNER redesigned the internal organisational structures and adapted them to the requirements of a modern business enterprise. In terms of the environment, too, C.HAFNER stood out early on through the use of effective technologies. In 1974, HILDERBRAND & Cie SA introduced brazing pastes into the watchmaking and jewelry industries. Their popularity developed soon after this introduction.
Customers are discovering the advantges of using brazing pastes not just because of substantial materials savings, time and inventory, but also due to significant quality and appearance improvements for their finished products.
Thanks to an extensive range of precious and non precious metal brazing pastes, HILDERBRAND & Cie SA ships worlwide in the shortest possible delivery time often within two days.
With the acquisition of new atomising, classification and analysis equipments, HILDERBRAND & Cie SA is boosting its ability to respond customer needs for precious metal powders to be used for innovative manufacturing techniques like Selective Laser Melting (SLM), Metal Injection Molding (MIM) and Powder Spraying.
Hilderbrand is affiliated with C.HAFNER. This acquisition gives HILDERBRAND &Cie SA access to C.HAFNER equipments and precious metals portfolio.
C.HAFNER with the obtainment of the coveted LBMA certification, which guarantees the purity of the material as well as ecological and ethical safety is positioning itself as a leading precious metal technology company. The innovative “PlatinGold” alloy is revolutionising the platinum market and C.HAFNER invests in cutting edge powder technology. Last but not least, “Urban Mining” and the RJC Certificate bespeak ethical, responsible and compliance-oriented actions and are becoming important assets in an increasingly competitive environment.ethical safety.
Hilderbrand & Cie SA becomes C.HAFNER & HILDERBRAND SA and relocates its activites at EspaceTourbillon, the brand new economic and industrial park in Plan-les-Ouates, in a site which is seen as the ideal entry point to Geneva. Furthermore, the company has broadened its offerings, including precious metal brazing pastes, innovative precious metal alloys, and cutting-edge powder technology. As a result, the company can now serve both the local Swiss market and international customers on a wider basis.
“…Quality, reliability, customization along with dynamism and swifftness are our collective commitment to customers. This commitment entails dedicated people at all levels of our company to be fulfilled.”
“…Technical support of customers involves a good understanding of requirements of the specific application concerned. We strive to support them for the best possible use of our products.”

Technical Support & Development

“…Delivering precious metal products worldwide is a complex process. A fast and proper delivery requires a close touch with each client and perfect knowledge of local conditions to meet its needs.”

Sales Administration

“…All our products are custom-designed and manufactured in order to meet the most diverse needs taking into account the specifics of each customer”
“…Quality controls and testing are the keys for the reliability of our products. Our policy of continuous improvement is our commitment to clients.”


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