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Creativity & Quality

For almost half a century, we design and manufacture our products to make you free to unleash your creativity uncompromising on quality. From simple to high jewellery pieces to be joined, each craftman jeweller can count on our Swiss quality for the expression of his artistry.

Brazing solutions

Whatever your jewel brazing/soldering application using torch brazing or other refined technique, we assist you with our adapted brazing pastes solutions. Brazed-on ring body kittens, repairing, ring resizing, multiple stages brazing but also luxury tableware, luxury leather goods, luxury wear fashion accessories are amongst others applications for which our customers enjoy our suitably designed precious metal alloys based products.

Casting offer

High-quality precious metal semi-finished products including casting shots for
investment casting even in small quantities and immediately from stock are ideal for goldsmiths, designers and producers of one-off pieces of jewellery or small-scale series. All our CoC gold casting products and by extension semi-finished products result from CO2-neutral second-hand gold ; one step further in responsibility at the service of the finest jewellery.

Innovation through Materials & Technology

For the finest jewellery, traditional techniques goes hand in hand with astonishing result properties. From our standard gold alloys to exclusive solutions like our platinum alloy PlatinGold, which offers the multiple processing and final quality benefits, we offer you to process today with a complete portfolio of best-in-class casting alloys.
Future technologies are not overlooked too and our proven and qualified precious metal powders designed for additive manufacturing (3D printing) are ready to give free rein to your creativity with semi-finished pieces, ready to be polished to make your project real.

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