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Precision dispensing systems make it simple to apply accurate, repeatable amounts of brazing pastes and by extension virtually any assembly fluid. Products range from economical manual dispenser for handcraft dispensing purposes to high-precision dispensers for critical applications that require a high degree of process control.

Manual Dispensers

Our MK3 dispenser is available alone or as a complete starting kit for new users that includes additionaly, one CF 56 H722E-2 (65% wt. state of the art silver alloy CF 56 mixed with our famous H722 flux-binder) brazing paste syringe (3cc/8g) and two tips (pink, ID 0.6 mm and purple ,ID 0.5 mm). The use of this premium paste, dispensed with accuracy, will enable you to perform a high quality brazing joint.

Pneumatic Dispensers

These dispensers eliminate operator guesswork and take the variability out of the dispensing process. The result is higher productivity, better quality and reliability, a cleaner and safer workplace and lower production costs.

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