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Med Tech

Brazing Solutions for Medtech

Precious metals and medical devices go hand in glove.
Various gold, palladium, silver or active-brazing alloys are widely used for medical assemblies by means of brazing such as surgical instruments, dental burs and especially when joining dissimilar materials. We offer you an extensive portfolio of pastes & powders meeting the highest standards for any brazing technique.

Precious Metal Alloys for Medical

Pure Gold, Platinum or various PtIr alloys are typical inert materials
used in the medical market that you can find out in our portfolio. These biocompatible materials with decades of history in the healthcare industry
are particularly suitable for corrosion resistance and durability purposes. They can be produced in different shapes depending on your requirements and
for some solutions are even available for additive manufacturing or hybrid processes.

Medical Custom components & Services

If your focus is on precious metal expertise, we can assist
you thanks to our analytical capabilities or help you in defining key steps in your project from the idea through to the production of series.

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