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Brazing auxiliary products

We offer a range of quality chemical products and accessories to help you enjoying your experience working with our brazing pastes. From special stop-off products to prevent molten paste from flowing or, by contrast, brazing promoter product to help the brazing alloy melt to flow and also including various pickling, cleaning or flux solutions, we support you to achieve a perfect brazed joint. A selection of jewelry making tools and accessories complements this offer.

Brazing stop-off &
spread promoting braze products

K-STOP & H-STOP stop-off products are applied on the surface to be protected to prevent molten paste from flowing
into area it is not supposed to go because of joint design, aesthetics purposes or any other technical constraint during the process.
Applied mainly with a paintbrush, K-STOP line is available in three different formulas and conditioning for each specific application:

  • K-STOP WHITE : the less viscous formula. It is most often used for milanaise or other close mesh bracelets where the liquid should penetrate deeply;
  • K-STOP YELLOW : a more viscous formula, for larger surfaces to be treated. It also helps to reduce oxidation and is often used when brazing white gold;
  • K-STOP BLACK : Our formula developed for use with various metals like nickel silver for instance.

For delicate applications, the translucid gel-like ready-to-use H-STOP-DOS is especially designed to be handy dispensed with a syringe enabling precision and clean dispensing with all the tips usually used to dispense brazing paste.
On the contrary if the brazing alloy melt has not flowed enough, our ready-to-use and non-toxic Exotherme 2 syringe is the solution. By delivering locally an important amount of heat during its decomposition at high temperature, it enables by applying it on the zone where the melt should have gone and by a second remelting to finally achieve a perfectly brazed joint. Exotherme 2 can also be used for smoothing a rough joint.

Brazing Flux & Cleaning
(H-CLEAN, H-FLUX, etc.)

In order to prevent metal surfaces from oxidization during soldering and then enabling solder to melt, our range of H-FLUX is the perfect answer. H-FLUX comes in liquid form or spray depending on the application. To remove any oxidation and remaining flux from newly soldered jewelry pieces, H-CLEAN powder, once added to water and heated, is the perfect pickling liquid. Metal parts can also be pickled before the soldering process to clean them.

Brazing Products
(Ceramic Plates, Torches, etc.)

A complementary selection of jewelry making tools and accessories for brazing purposes.
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