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Brazing is a joining process where a metal, having a lower melting temperature than the parts to be joined, is placed in between when molten in order to achieve a metallurgical joint by diffusion. The brazing metal, or alloy, is called the filler is the only one undergoing a transformation; both parts keeping their original shape. Brazing has a very broad scope of applications; it is widely used in the industry (aerospace, automotive, electronics, etc.), Med-Tech, Watchmaking and jewelry since centuries. Unless other joining techniques, it can be used on almost every material, dissimilar metals and even ceramics. With over 50 years of experience and expertise in precious metal brazing filler metals, we provide a wide range of recognized brazing products.

Pastes and powders of precious metals
Brazing & Joining Solutions from C.Hafner & Hilderbrand SA
In complement the brazing solder pastes technology, C.HAFNER&HILDERBRAND offers conventional brazing filler metals available under solid forms like sheets or wires
C.HAFNER & HILDERBRAND provides standard brazing sheets and wires for traditional handcrafting of jewels. They are produced by cold deformation process.
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