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Syringes – Cartridges

Syringes & cartridges are the heart of the dosage system. Syringe barrel systems distributed feature
high-quality barrels, pistons, end and tip caps that work together to produce accurate, repeatable fluid deposits.
Syringe barrels are using an unique internal design which enhances fluid flow and minimized turbulence and shear during dispensing.


Barrels and pistons are silicone-free. Their precise fit ensures consistent paste or fluid deposit. Both are available in a wide variety of styles and sizes. Additional snap-tight end and tip caps provide an airtight seal to seal partially used syringes between shifts. Adapters for precision benchtop dispensers are also available.


Cartridges systems are designed for dispensing applications requiring a reservoir larger than a 55cc syringe barrel. Cartridges come along with precision molded pistons that ensure a consistent fit that perfectly matches cartridge walls for smooth and consistent dispensing process. End caps snap securely over cartridge flanges to prevent leaks or paste contamination.
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