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Welding is a joining process which, in opposition with brazing, brings both parts to be joined to fusion, changing therefore their geometry. Welding can be performed with or without adding a filler metal. Different technologies enable welding such as arc, gas, resistance, energy beam, etc. For high end application, we work at C.HAFNER & HILDERBRAND with Micro-TIG, Resistance and Laser Technologies to offer the best result.

Electrical Spot Welding

Electrical Spot Welding is based on the heat dissipation due to the electrical resistance on a junction between two metals. This technology is widely used in the automotive industry for example. It has the advantage of being localized, controllable and fast.

A high current is typically provided by capacity discharge and the arc happened where the density is the highest (i.e. at the smallest spot / area). This technology is used both to join directly two parts together or two make them hold enough prior to brazing in a belt furnace.

Laser Spot Welding

Laser Spot Welding is a technology bas on energy beam heating. The laser, typically a YAG, is focused on a small area (several tenths of microns) and the material absorbs its energy – heating therefore the metal up to its fusion. Like Electrical Spot Welding, this technology is both used for direct welding or for holding parts together before brazing.

Precious metal alloys, non-precious metals or combinations of them, we do provide the suitable joining solution with brazing alloys for Gold and platinum alloys, stainless steels and titanium amongst others.

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