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Tips – Needles – Nozzles

You will find a complete offer of dispensing tips, needles and nozzles. They are available in multiple styles, sizes and materials to meet all industrial requirements depending on the application itself, the level of productivity required or quality needs. Thanks to our extensive inventory most of these solutions can be shipped to you the same day.

Precision Stainless Steel Tips

Made from burr-free, passivated stainless steel. Ideal for handling a wide range of fluid dispensing applications. Various tip lengths for fast point-to-point to standard all-around precision dispensing. For an easy access into hard-to-reach areas bent tips are also available. Chamfered tips can be used for microdot application of low viscosity fluids.

Polymer & Surface Treated Tips

A complete offer of smoothflow tapered plastic, PTFE-lined, flexible or antistatic tips. Smoothflow tapered tips are available in rigid opaque polypropylene or in soft UV-light protected polyethylene for best results. They are ideal for use with any medium to high-viscosity fluids like brazing pastes. These soft tips are also available in ESD-safe version for specific applications. For low viscosity fluids and microdot application PTFE-lined tips can be used. For difficult-to-access areas, flexible polypropylene tips will prevent delicate surfaces from scratch.

Full Metal Steel Tips

Precision made metal needles for highly robust automated or robotic dispensing processes. The needle is an assembly of a canula and a hub. The canula is made of a stainless steel tube with a blunt end but bevel point is also possible on demand. Needles are available in different lengths and diameters adapted to each particular brazing pastes industrial dispensing. Various canula to hub assembly options on demand.

(Standard & Micro) Precision Nozzles

The pressure drop caused by the resistance to flow of the brazing paste through standard tips can impede accurate and precise dispensing flow rate. Metal precision nozzles with their correctly conical design optimizes the paste transfer. They are recommended for robotic or automated processes to dispense fluids very accurately, with reduced variability in order to achieve high productivity.
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