Industrial Brazing Alloys

Precious metal alloys are the solution of choice for many brazing applications under high demanding conditions and requirements such as in medical (surgical and dental instruments), nuclear or aerospace (turbine industries). Our precious metal based (gold, silver & palladium) brazing alloys along with some non-precious and active brazing compositions are suited for difficult joining materials and conditions.

Gold Brazing Filler Metals

Pastes & powders

This is our right answer to structural materials whose mechanical properties and resistance to corrosion or oxidation need to be matched by suitable joining materials by way of induction, furnace in inert atmosphere or vacuum brazing. Our gold brazing filler metals are perfectly adapted for brazing steels, stainless steels or inter alia nickel, cobalt-based alloys and superalloys. They are primarily used in aero-engine, aerospace, medical and electronics industries.

Palladium Brazing Filler Metals

Pastes & powders

Palladium brazing alloys principaly made of silver, copper and from low to intermediate palladium content. They exhibit high brazing temperatures and are particularly suited for stainless steel, metallized ceramics and some titanium brazing applications. Consequently, these alloys exhibit properties making them suitable for turbine applications and vacuum tube devices.

Silver Brazing Filler Metals

Pastes & powders

Our low-temperature and free-flowing silver brazing alloys are used for the joining of most ferrous and nonferrous metals with the exception of aluminum and magnesium. Silver alloys produce strong, ductile and leak-proof braze joints.

Nickel, Copper & Tin Alloys

Pastes & powders

From low temperature soldering applications with tin-based alloys to nickel filler metal compositions for corrosion resistance purposes of stainless steel joints or good corrosion/ductility compromise using copper brazing alloys, a selection of non-precious brazing alloys adapted for various applications.
languageDesignationfaceaufacepdfaceptfaceagCompositiontabΔT (°C)ISOAWSformFormApplicationAvailability
enCF 23H 0000BNiSiCF-Ni-Industrial970-1000BNi-4Powder,PasteStainless Steel, Cobalt Alloys, Nickel AlloysUpon Request
enCF 22H 0000BNiSiCF-Ni-Industrial980-1040BNi-3Powder,PasteUpon Request
enCF 10H0000NiPCF-Ni-Industrial875-875BNi-6Powder,PasteStainless Steel, Phosphorus, Copper, Cobalt Alloys, Nickel Alloys,On Stock
enCF 18H 0000BCrFeNiSiCF-Ni-Industrial966-1040BNi-2Powder,PasteOn Stock
enCF 24H 0000BCrNiCF-Ni-Industrial-1055BNi-9Powder,PasteUpon Request
enCF 16H0000CrNiPCF-Ni-Industrial-890BNi-7Powder,PasteOn Stock
enCF 13H 0000BCrFeNiSiCF-Ni-Industrial980-1070BNi-1APowder,PasteUpon Request
enCF 21H 0000BCCrFeNiSiCF-Ni-Industrial980-1060BNi-1Powder,PasteUpon Request
enCF 14H0000CrNiSiCF-Ni-Industrial1080-1135BNi-5Powder,PasteUpon Request
enCF 12H0000BCCrFeNiSiWCF-Ni-Industrial970-1095BNi-11Powder,PasteUpon Request
languageDesignationfaceaufacepdfaceptfaceagCompositiontabΔT (°C)ISOAWSformFormApplicationAvailability
languageDesignationfaceaufacepdfaceptfaceagCompositiontabΔT (°C)ISOAWSformFormApplicationAvailability
enCF CuMnT 0000CuMnNiCF-Cu-Industrial-1000Powder,PasteTungsten Carbide, Molybdenum, Chromium, TantalumOn Stock
enCF CuMn3 0000CuMnNiCF-Cu-Industrial-1030Powder,PasteTungsten Carbide, Molybdenum, Chromium, TantalumOn Stock
enCF 0-60000CuPSnCF-Cu-Industrial645-725CuP386Powder,PasteCopper, Bronze, BrassOn Stock
enCF 6-1 00060AgCuPCF-Cu-Industrial645-720CuP283BCuP-4Powder,PasteCopper, Bronze, BrassOn Stock
enCF Cu 0000CuCF-Cu-Industrial-BCu-1PowderFerrous Alloys, Nickel Alloys, Copper Alloys, Steel, Stainless Steel,Upon Request
enCF CUS 0000CF-Cu-Industrial-Powder,PasteOn Stock
languageDesignationfaceaufacepdfaceptfaceagCompositiontabΔT (°C)ISOAWSformFormApplicationAvailability
languageDesignationfaceaufacepdfaceptfaceagCompositiontabΔT (°C)ISOAWSformFormApplicationAvailability
enCF 96-40 00040AgSnCF-Sn-Industrial-Powder,PasteOn Stock
enCF 97-30 0000CuSnCF-Sn-Industrial227-300Powder,PasteOn Stock
enCF Sn0000SnCF-Sn-Industrial-Powder,PasteOn Stock
languageDesignationfaceaufacepdfaceptfaceagCompositiontabΔT (°C)ISOAWSformFormApplicationAvailability

Active brazing alloys

Pastes & powders

Metal-to-ceramic or titanium brazing are typical applications where active brazing alloys are used. Their composition is adapted to ensure good wetting properties on non-metal materials. For such properties we use titanium as active component. These alloys are exclusively intended to be used under vacuum or argon.
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