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Hilderbrand introduces its new version of EXOTHERME !

EXOTHERME 2 is the new version of the special product EXOTHERME which, for over 20 years, has helped numerous users to solder perfectly brazed joints.  It enables the melt to flow in tricky conditions.

It can be used with all Hilderbrand brazing pastes.


The principle of EXOTHERME 2 is based on a high temperature chemical decomposition that releases an important amount of heat instantly and precisely.

The preparation is used when the brazing alloy melt has not flowed enough.  The product is applied on the joint and the zone where the melt should have gone.  The parts then go into the furnace a second time in order to achieve a perfectly brazed joint.  EXOTHERME 2 gives also spectacular results for smoothing a rough joint.

The byproducts of the reaction are non-toxic and without danger for both the furnace and the parts to be brazed.

Directions for use

The product is delivered ready-to-use in a special syringe.  It does not need a preparation (dilution, drying, etc.).

Apply a line of EXOTHERME 2 with a pneumatic dispenser on the joint and where you want to drive the melt or on the rough joint you want to smoothen.


Permanently in stock: amber syringe, 3cc (3g of EXOTHERME 2) or 10cc (10g of EXOTHERME 2).

On demand: other conditioning available.