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The « stop-solder », dispensable, conditioned in syringes


H-STOP-DOS is a product used to stop the brazing alloy melt from running onto the surface where H-STOP-DOS is applied.  It is especially designed to be dispensed with a syringe.

Directions for use

The product is delivered ready-to-use, in a handy syringe, enabling precision and clean dispensing.  It does not require any preparation (dilution, drying, etc.).

All the needles usually used to dispense brazing paste can be used with H-STOP DOS.

Apply the amount needed on the places to be protected.

Put the parts into the furnace under the usual conditions of speed and temperature.

When the parts leave the furnace, a slight white residue might be present that will disappear after washing or polishing.


Permanently in stock: 5cc syringe (3g of H-STOP-DOS).

On demand: other conditioning available.