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Powder Screening

Our metal powders are available with several particle size distributions, usually from 0 to 106 microns.  If you need a special particle size, we can fine-tune the distribution according to your specifications using screening methods (sieving-classification).


Our complete range of certified sieves enables us to provide powders with particle size as fine as ±20 μm up to ±200 μm.  Moreover, with our classification equipment, we can extend the sieve range, especially for small diameters.


Below are some examples showing customized particle size distribution achieved at Hilderbrand.

Example 1 (-106μm) :

Powder -106

Example 2 (-75μm) :

Powder -75

Example 3 (-45μm) :

Powder -45

Example 4 (+10μm-20μm) :

Powder +10-20